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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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FA Exit Counseling Guide 909KB   
Facilities Master Plan, Executive Summary, 2009 849KB   
Facilities Plan 3 Years 767KB   
Facilities Planned Maintenance Projects FY 11/12 489KB   
Faculty Center Class Permissions Reference Guide 486KB   
Faculty Center Overview 1093KB   
Faculty Installment Pay Plan Election Form 16KB   
Faculty Nonattendance and Grade Entry FAQs 188KB   
Faculty Professional Growth Review - Administrative Assessment  36KB  
Faculty Professional Growth Review - Collaborative Peer Assessment  36KB  
Faculty Professional Growth Review - Peer Observation of You  36KB  
Faculty Professional Growth Review - Self-Assessment  36KB  
Faculty Professional Growth Review - Your Observation of a Peer  36KB  
Fall 2015 10KB   
Federal and State VA Educational Benefits Summary 59KB   
Federal Health Insurance Marketplace Notice 863KB   
FERPA & Red Flags Rule for Students 679KB   
FERPA Annual Student Notification 544KB   
FERPA Hold Business Process Document 136KB   
Field Trip Request Form 378KB   
Field Trip Waiver and Release Form 170KB   
Financial Aid Application Procedures 1147KB   
Financial Aid Cost of Attendance 108KB   
Financial Aid Cost of Attendance 2017-2018 78KB   
Financial Plan (see Budget documents)     
Financial Statement (see Comprehensive Annual Financial Report under C))     
Flexible Learning Team List 12KB   
FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Policy 1089KB   
Focus Planning Preparation Checklist 110KB   
Food Purchases on PCard Form (See: Reimbursement for Food Purchases)     
Full 2007-2008 Tech Prep Grant documentation 358KB   
Full-Time Faculty - Contractual Instructor/Counselor Absence Report 100KB