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I-9 Form (located under E - Employment Eligibility Verification)     
Importance of the First Semester of Community College 682KB   
Incident Report Form 81KB   
Incomplete Request Form 857KB   
Information to Know If There Is an Incident 25KB   
Information-Protection-Standards-V1-2-2015-07-15 665KB   
Instructor Delivery Sheet for Accommodated Testing    LINK
Instructor Sabbatical Application     
International Student - Pre-Completion OPT Information 74KB   
International Student - SEH Work Authorization 94KB   
International Student Acceptable UW System Transcripts 96KB   
International Student Affidavit of Financial Support 98KB   
International Student Certificate Application Form 512KB   
International Student Changing Visa Status in U.S. 48KB   
International Student CPT Information 276KB   
International Student Dependent Information and Form 146KB   
International Student Evidence of Financial Support 69KB   
International Student Hire Letter Template  155KB  
International Student I-20 Extension 61KB   
International Student Late Admission Checklist 204KB   
International Student Local Host Statement of Commitment 69KB   
International Student Post Completion OPT Information 82KB   
International Student Preparing for your Visa Interview 33KB   
International Student Reduced Course Load for Medical 66KB   
International Student Reduced Course Load Recommendation Form 228KB   
International Student Sample 8843 Tax Form 164KB   
International Students eShip Global I-20 Mailing 42KB   
International Travel Guidelines  41KB  
Inventory - Items for Resale   124KB 
IRB Exempt Review 40KB   
IRB Expedited Review 38KB   
IRB Full Review 42KB   
IRE Brochure 150KB   
IRS Blank W-9 For Vendors 110KB   
IRS Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, September 2007 37KB   
IRS Project Charter 29KB   
IT Summer 2016 Class Offerings 72KB