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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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Sabbatical Application (FT Instructors)  60KB  
Salary Reduction Agreement for 403b Tax Sheltered Annuity 33KB   
Salary Reduction Agreement for WDC Deferred Compensation Plan 31KB   
Salary Reduction Discontinuation - to Cancel Payroll Deductions 29KB   
Sales Tax Exemption Certificates (located under Tax Exemption Certificates)     
Sample Accomodation Card 52KB   
Sample of Learning Outcomes Matrix Provided to Programs 47KB   
Scholars of Promise Interest Guide 324KB   
Scholars of Promise Letter of Interest 943KB   
School Districts 40 K-12 89KB   
Section Change Approval Form 73KB   
Security Awareness Training 56KB   
Service Work Request    LINK
Sexual Misconduct Administrative Policy 297KB   
Sexual Misconduct Procedure 598KB   
Social Security Number Update 433KB   
SOHE Program Reinstatement Request Form 844KB   
Spend Categories 97KB   
Spend Category List Crosswalk 85KB   
Statement of Work 28KB   
Statistical Reporting Form 76KB   
Statistical State Definitions 782KB   
STEPS org chart 27KB   
STEPS timeline 34KB   
Stipend Request Form  31KB  
Strategic Plan - 3 Year 1113KB   
Strategic Plan and Board Ends Matrix 21KB   
Strategic Plan Results for FY0809 920KB   
Strategic Plan Results for FY0910 1710KB   
Strategic Plan Results FY0809     
Student Academic Disclosure Form 185KB   
Student Center Training Guide 1611KB   
Student Club Signature Form  24KB  
Student Clubs Request for Payment 22KB47KB  
Student Disciplinary Procedure 308KB   
Student Employment Application 828KB   
Student Guidelines for Accommodated Testing at Regional Campuses 26KB   
Student Guidelines for Accommodated Testing at Truax Campus 28KB   
Student Intake Process 283KB   
Student Learning Outcomes Brochure NONE   
Student Life - The Arts Award 119KB   
Student Life - The Karen Roberts Life Leadership Award 148KB   
Student Life Academic Achievement Award 93KB   
Student Life Award Outstanding Student Employee 211KB   
Student Life Award Outstanding Student Organization 97KB   
Student Life Award Outstanding Student Tutors 165KB   
Student Life Exemplar Learner of the Year Award 142KB   
Student Life Intercultural Council Student Award 73KB   
Student Life Involvement Awards Nomination Form 88KB   
Student Life Outstanding Club Advisor Award 165KB   
Student Life Outstanding Service Award 165KB   
Student Life Outstanding Student Club Award 97KB   
Student Life Terry S. Webb Award 189KB   
Student Meals paid by District Credit Card  42KB  
Student Organization Application 240KB   
Student Permission Error due to Class Setup    LINK
Student Profile by Type of Enrollment 547KB   
Student Reference Request Form 777KB   
Student Retention Brainstorming Results 20KB   
Student Retention Project Charter 54KB   
Student Services Triage Guide Spring 2015 610KB   
Student Term Start Notes 51KB   
Student Work on Facility - Procedure  32KB  
Study Load Approval Form 80KB   
Summer Check Distriubtion Form - Contractual Staff     
Summer Financial Aid Request 48KB   
Summer2015 19KB   
Supplier Information Form 55KB111KB  
Surveying Solutions Process Flow 517KB   
Systems Portfolio-1P1 Learning Outcomes Matrix 648KB   
Systems Portfolio-1P13 QRP Scorecard 40KB   
Systems Portfolio-1P13 Trend Data 38KB   
Systems Portfolio-1P2 Course Portfolio Process Map 24KB   
Systems Portfolio-1P8 LSQIP Guiding Principles 17KB   
Systems Portfolio-1R1 and 1R2 Employer Survey Data 36KB   
Systems Portfolio-1R1 Clinical Lab Tech 26KB   
Systems Portfolio-3P1 Additional improvements 19KB   
Systems Portfolio-5C3 MATCs Values in Action 12KB   
Systems Portfolio-5R1 Admin Performance Ratings 29KB   
Systems Portfolio-5R1 PACE survey results 23KB   
Systems Portfolio-6C2 Student Admin Service Units 25KB   
Systems Portfolio-6P5 Student Support Services Data 44KB   
Systems Portfolio-7R2 MATC Data Architecture 34KB   
Systems Portfolio-8C2 Ends to Strategic Plan Goals Alignment 35KB   
Systems Portfolio-8P3 QCI project summary 16KB   
Systems Portfolio-8P5 and 8R1 Strategic Plan Outcomes 823KB   
Systems Portfolio-9C1 Key Collaborative Partnerships 47KB   
Systems Portfolio-9P1 3-phase collaborative relationship process 89KB   
Systems Portfolio-AllCategories.May2009 1350KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category1.May2009 486KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category2.May2009 85KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category3.May2009 125KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category4.May2009 173KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category5.May2009 176KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category6.May2009 101KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category7.May2009 110KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category8.May2009 373KB   
Systems Portfolio-Category9.May2009 80KB   
Systems Portfolio-Glossary.May2009 33KB   
Systems Portfolio-Index.May2009 58KB   
Systems Portfolio-Overview 111KB