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Tax Exemption Certificate - Florida - Department of Revenue - Expires 10/13/2019 287KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Illinois Department of Revenue - Expires 05/01/2019 202KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Indiana Department of Revenue 331KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Iowa Department of Revenue 405KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Kentucky Department of Revenue 162KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Michigan Department of Revenue 263KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Minnesota Department of Revenue 311KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Missouri Department of Revenue 1239KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - New Jersey Department of Revenue 317KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Pennsylvania Department of Revenue 383KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Rhode Island Department of Revenue 187KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Tennessee Department of Revenue 245KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Texas Department of Revenue 247KB   
Tax Exemption Certificate - Wisconsin Department of Revenue 1029KB   
Teaching Plan Sample  39KB  
Tech Academy 2018 Schedule 203KB   
Tech Investment Consideration Checklist 213KB52KB  
Tech Investment Proposal-Business Case Template 146KB22KB  
Technology Refresh Policy 146KB   
TelePresence Best Practices  28KB  
TelePresence Campus Contacts 189KB   
TelePresence Instructors Manual     
TelePresence Student Handout  37KB  
Template Course Map  39KB  
Template Learning Plan Design  268KB  
Template Model Learning Plan Worksheet  36KB  
Template Program Outcome Summary  100KB  
Template Teaching Plan  46KB  
Term Start Timeline Disclosure Form 789KB   
Text Conversion Request Form 212KB   
Textbook Adoption Form - Fall 12KB   
Textbook Adoption Form - Summer 12KB   
Textbook Adoptions Form - Spring 12KB   
Time Conflict Registration Approval Form 55KB   
Total Enrollment Since 1980-1981 42KB   
Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form 101KB   
Transfer of Application 423KB   
Transfer or Disposal of Equipment/Fixed Asssets   72KB 
Transitioning Developmental Students Detailed Process Map 115KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Executive Summary 43KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Generating Creative Solutions 24KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students High Level Process Map 28KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, September 2007 24KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Higher Learning Commission Annual Report, September 2008 25KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Orientation Assessment 84KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Orientation Flyer 283KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Project Charter 26KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Root Causes 24KB   
Transitioning Developmental Students Solutions Statements 12KB   
Travel Card Application & Agreement 105KB188KB  
Travel Card Manual - Policy & Procedures 153KB185KB  
Travel Claim (see Expense Reimbursement Claim Form)     
Travel Guidelines  95KB  
Travel Procedures - P200  63KB  
Truax Student & Visitor Walkway Map 153KB