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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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Campus Shuttle Schedule - Spring 2017 506KB   
Cancellation of Application 859KB   
Capital Decision Matrix 34KB   
Capital Purchase Decision Matrix 71KB   
Capital Purchasing Information Form for Fixed Assets  25KB  
Career and Employment Online Resource Guide 186KB   
Career and Employment Service Listing 189KB   
Career and Employment Services Flyer 190KB   
Cash Request Procedures - for Change Funds/Cashiering 93KB   
Cash/Change Request Form   39KB 
Cashier Reconciliation $300 Drawer Form  25KB  
Casual Employment Application - Business and Applied Arts 591KB   
Cell Phone Allowance Request Form  38KB  
Certificate Discontinuation Form 795KB   
Change Guidelines 175KB   
Chartfield Quick Reference Guide   191KB 
Chartfield Transfer Request Form -- SEE WorkTag Transfer Request Form 13KB 39KB 
Check Request Form 14KB 39KB 
Checklist for Late Program Applications 800KB   
CI: Admissions Process 51KB   
Class Modification Notice  30KB  
Class Setup Error Reporting    LINK
Classification Structure for PSRP 64KB   
Classifications - Pay Ranges for PSRP and Admin 129KB   
CLEP Credit Policy 789KB   
Club Handbook 675KB   
Cognos Reporting System-Staff Access 121KB   
Coin Order Request  28KB  
Commencement Ceremony DVD Order Form 52KB   
Commodity Type or Services Provided  222KB  
Comparison Document of the 508 and W3C Standards 157KB   
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for year ended June 20, 2013 and 2012    LINK
Comprehensive Planning Process 29KB   
Consent to Release Student Information Form 778KB   
Construction Update - Cafeteria Opens January 2017 92KB   
Construction/Remodeling Printable form: Form FAC-A  37KB  
Consultant/Independent Contractor Reimbursement Claim  59KB  
Content Management System Charter 81KB   
Content Management System Timeline 31KB   
Continuing Program Student Registration Flyer 284KB   
Continuing Program Student Registration Flyer--Instructor Version 190KB   
Copyright Procedures 213KB   
Core Abilities Student Self-Assessment 319KB   
Counseling Services Client Information Form 30KB   
Counseling Services Informed Consent Form 238KB   
Counseling Services Release of Information Form 173KB   
Course Options Instructional Guide 438KB   
Course Syllabus Sample  76KB  
Credential Evaluation Recommended Services 33KB   
Credit Card (P-Card) Manual -- SEE PURCHASING CARD (PCARD) MANUAL     
Credit Card (P-Card) Request and Agreement -- SEE PURCHASING CARD REQUEST AND AGREEMENT     
CRM Training Videos 72KB   
Cultural Connect Application 99KB   
Current RDS Structure 45KB   
Customer Relations Management Initiative Charter 124KB