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Here you will find forms and documents that are frequently used by faculty and staff.
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Packing instructions  26KB  
Paramedic Employment Verification 418KB   
Part Time Faculty Professional Development Funding  54KB  
Part-time Faculty Absence Report 14KB   
Part-Time Faculty PeopleSoft ID Activation/Deactivation 46KB   
Part-Time Faculty Training Guide  122KB  
PCI Compliance 10KB   
PeopleSoft Access Request - Student Administration 113KB   
Performance Appraisal Form - PSRP (Introductory)  148KB  
Performance Appraisal Form - PSRP (Non-Introductory)  143KB  
Performance Appraisal Guidelines - PSRP 99KB   
Performance Assessment - Faculty  88KB  
Performance Review Guidelines FY17-18 - Admin 214KB   
Permission to Publish Form 109KB   
Petition Process Flow Chart 235KB   
Plan to Assess Student Learning Outcomes 39KB   
Policy Forms - Academic (Long)    LINK
Policy Forms - Academic (Short)    LINK
Portal Content Request Form    LINK
Position Requisition Process (former PJF)    LINK
Printers - How to install 189KB   
Priority Student Registration Flyer 316KB   
Proctor Form  54KB  
Product Evaluation (Loan) Agreement 545KB175KB  
Professional Development Workshops for Students 154KB   
Program Admission Appeal Form 445KB   
Program and Services Plan 4208KB   
Program Application Fee Waiver Request Form 867KB   
Program Area Summaries and Recommendations 204KB   
Program Outcomes Developing or Reviewing 69KB   
Program Readmission After Military Activation or Deployment 59KB   
Program Readmission for Graduation and Limited Seat Programs 779KB   
Project Request Form - Facility Services  56KB  
Purchasing Card (PCard) Manual 218KB   
Purchasing Card (PCard) Non-Employee Travel Form 13KB   
Purchasing Card (PCard) Request and Agreement 36KB67KB  
Purchasing Matrix of Processes & Requirements 29KB   
Purchasing Procedure - Goods & Services - P100  69KB